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Chapter I: Pooch dies.

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 18, 2013 6:19 pm    Post subject: Chapter I: Pooch dies.  Reply with quote

On the brink of desolate and utter obliteration, the world has come a long way in the recent years, known as "the recovery period" to most old enough to remember and catalogue it's beginnings. It began very simply, as many world calamities do, with a natural disaster, that could oh so easily be taken advantage of. A meteor the size of a small world found it's way heading towards the planet, discovered by the few shinobi who had dedicated their lives to being titled "seers", watching the world and the space around it for chakra anomalies and disturbances through their crystal balls. Pragmatically placed across the planet in several positions, it was only a matter of time until one discovered something that would place everyone in jeopardy. The great nations who were currently warring at the time, the furthest thing they could be from peaceful, called a truce in order to work together on a solution to prevent the eventual destruction of everything as they knew it. It took longer than it should have to devise a solution, a simple counter force that was just slight enough to not demolish the meteor and leave pieces trailing into the atmosphere, but rather divert it away from the planet at a steep angle, using the combined abilities of the various Ninjutsu and Fuuinjutsu specialists that agreed to cooperate throughout the world to create an incredibly powerful barrier seal to shield the planet, and then blast the meteor away using the force from elemental releases such as Light, Storm, Dust, Earth and Explosion release. It seemed like the perfect plan, with everyone working together. Unfortunately, not everyone saw eye to eye, or agreed with working with enemies just to spare some people. A small rebel group formed in one of the villages (which village it was, is lost in time, as there are no solid records or evidence to support their existence, merely rumors and folklore) who titled themselves "The Flourish"

They claimed to be a peaceful group, who sought eternal peace via destruction of the world, encouraging the meteor to slaughter all of the planet's denizens, at times even worshiping it. However hypocrisy ran abound in their ranks, the lower members killing each other quite often, or mugging innocents for money, never realizing that money wouldn't matter if they achieved their goals. In fact, it seemed as if the whole front of peace was a rouse to conceal the fact that peace was the one thing they did not understand. Their leader, a former sannin from one of the villages, who was outcast for various reasons, among those murder, theft, and generally being a cruel bastard, was a bitter woman, who sought revenge against everyone. In her mind, it was everyone else for their lack of understanding who were the twisted ones, and the world didn't deserve the "abuse" or "strain" they forced upon it. Unfortunately, despite her twisted and generally oblivious nature, she was still incredibly cunning. Her ability to plan and react to courses of actions and lead her makeshift army allowed her to easily stall out many of the efforts to prepare for the meteor's coming, leading to the death of a large portion of the shinobi the great nations had assembled in order to prevent it's happening.

Eventually, her decisions led to an all out war between her forces and what small amount of active soldiers the five nations could spare, while still defending themselves and trying to prepare to intercept the meteor. Her wit and power allowed her to lead her troops effortlessly through seemingly countless numbers of jounin and chunin, resulting in many bloody battles and no real end goal progress on either side. Realizing this, she plotted one final coup, an attempt to kill the leader of the fuuinjutsu specialists who were placing the barrier, using a diversion to pull the rest of the soldiers back home, towards the main villages, allowing her to wade directly to her target. Sacrificing nearly all of her army to the five nations, she went alone to intercept the barrier users, and slaughter them just as the meteor was nearing the surface of the planet. She nearly succeeded, too.

If not for one member of "The Flourish", her second in command. A young man, hardly in his late teens, named pooch.....(he made me), who'd been brainwashed from the start with promises of peace and prosperity for the planet, had slowly realized over the course of many bloody battles (it took him long enough), that peace wasn't achieved through war. Fighting for Peace, isn't what Peace stood for. When the army he was forced to lead, in absence of his commander since she was hunting the fuuinjutsu specialists, attacked the nearest nation as a diversion, he made it a point to force his way all of the way to the center of the village, to the tower where it's leader stood proudly. Of course, as a violent intruder he was struck down nearly immediately, being no where close to a match for a one on one fight with a kage leveled combatant. As he died, leaving behind two sons and a grieving widow, he let slip the details of her, the commander's, plans. The kage, shocked that anyone knew about the hidden locations of the men she was after, let alone wanted to prevent them from their job, immediately scrambled to alert the rest of the world's powers.

The five of them arrived just in time to save 4 of the 7 fuuinjutsu specialists, who surprisingly put up a valiant effort in defending themselves, and confront the fallen sannin. After a heated 'discussion' between herself and her former kage, it was decided that attempting to take her in a one on one battle wasn't the best course of action, with what little time they had to work with. Instead choosing a formation that allowed two at a time to fight while the other three protected the specialists that the planet counted on, a heated battle ensued. Lasting almost until the deadline for the plan. It would have been enough of a delay to completely ensure the fallen Sannin's victory, if not for a complete and utter fluke. As the attacking kages converged, with what they'd hoped to be their final strike against a powerful foe, the woman killed herself with her own jutsu.... Or one she thought to be her own. A nigh unstoppable jutsu her former sensei and kage taught her at a young age, it came with the price of having no room for error in it's execution. Simply put, if she got it wrong, she would kill herself. Allowing arrogance and the sight of success to blind herself, she performed it like a true amateur, taking out herself and the two attacking kages alongside her. With no time to pay honors to those who sacrificed themselves to take her down, the remaining kage did their best to return to their positions and prevent the meteor's fall.

Unfortunately, the loss of almost half of the fuuinjutsu corps would take it's toll, as would the delay. As the meteor entered the atmosphere, the lack of stabilization via barrier would prove to be too much to allow the plan to go smoothly. Instead of being knocked away with force, the meteor was instead blown to pieces, the still massive sized chunks crashing into the planet, crumbling and smoldering a majority of it into dust. Not many survived the tragedy, but it was still a victory in comparison to what would have happened otherwise. While all of the then villages were wiped out, their kages alongside them, there still remained a few bright lights of people.

Over time, the people worked to overcome the tragedy, recording and rebuilding slowly. At first, it began as a process merely tooled to survive, not to create anything greater or rebuild "World order". However some members of "The Flourish", and the ANBU of the various villages survived, including some of the smarter tacticians out of the bunch. Realizing the error of their ways, the members of the disbanded group proposed a system that would allow people with separate views to choose a leader, and then gain land in a neighboring area, just like the country scheme that had come before the tragedy. Over time, various leaders arose, willing to take groups of people their direction, in their own attempt to rebuild the world. Of course not everyone thought they could all coincide with their various differences, but at that time, it wasn't an issue, nor a care. An odd form of Peace was actually obtained through the Fallen Sannin's efforts for a moment, almost granting her a form of dilluted glory.

Years passed, 100 to be exact, and the 5 main villages thrived. Iwagakure, Kirigakure, Kumogakure, Konohagakure, and Sunagakure came to be great military powers, and quite prosperous at that. Not quite ready to oppress or stifle the unhappy to prevent outside growth/threads like military powers had before the reset tragedy, the few who remained on the fence about the existing villages banded together to create their own smaller civilizations, eventually becoming known as Village hidden in demtits Takigakure, and Amegakure, each with their own leader as well.

While not many remain from the days of supposed Armageddon, there are still many legends and tales about the exact occurrences, and some of the oldest folk even claim to have seen it with their own eyes, being able to recant somewhat wishy washy air filled stories of what exactly took place. It's almost become a piece embedded in history, with a small that if even one person opposes something that requires everyone to cooperate, that the end of the world just may happen. It's often a tale used to frighten children who refuse to play nicely, and next to none believe the grain of truth it holds.

In current time, all of the villages seem to be thriving. Youth is abound everywhere, the leaders are all healthy and taking the best care they possibly can of their villages, that are all indifferent of each other. Acknowledging the fact that it took working together to get this far into the rebuilding phase, but also the fact that different opinions can lead to turmoil, so it's best not to intermingle too far into things without contracted alliances. At this point... anything could happen anywhere, in the new world.


Roleplaying Characters:
Hio Tachibana

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Training Points: 19000 ¬_¬
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