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Diamond Country
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Diayamondogakure (Diamond Village)
Encapsulated by the eroded walls of a great mountain, a waterfall gushes down into a enrmous crystalline-clear lake. Few outsiders have ever come across upon the Diayamondo Lake and the city that lies within it. Those few travellers that manage to brave the treacherous landscapes of the mountains might gaze into the water and see with perfect clarity to the depths of the lake, descending several hundred meters towards the earth. The true beauty of this lake lies within and upon it. The true beauty of this lake lies within and upon it. Diayamondogakure, the Village Hidden within the Diamond, stretches across the placid glassy surface of the water. The floating bastion is of unyielding translucent walls, glittering in the sunlight like a priceless gemstone. The immense structure is shaped like a diamond with its point thrusting upwards towards the sky and a flat base descending over 100 meters under the surface of the lake. (Kage: Mizūmikage) (Minor Village)

Wed Dec 23, 2015 10:34 pm
Gargantuan mountains mark the beginning and the end of the borders of Diamond Country; the semi-circular shape of the great montane forests serve to form the borders and an effective guard against invasion into the small nation. The mountains are known as the Kiri-San, 'the Mist Mountains', named so for the cloud forests that occupy the landscape. The Kiri-San are perpetually covered in a layer of thick fog caused by a rain shadow effect from the ocean currents that breeze into the mainland. Montane forests coat the subalpine and lower regions of the mountain in dark green pine trees, oaks, and a vast amount of moss. The cloud forests of the Kiri-San are home to a wide variety of indigineous fauna and flora. Kiri-San is often revered by mountain ascetists as a home of great spiritual energy. The cloud forests allures many who are seeking spiritual enlightenment.

Sun Jan 31, 2016 12:22 am
Faniya Islands
Off the peninsula of Diamond Country in the Eastern Sea lies the Faniya Islands, an archipelago of small tempeate rainforest-covered islets. The islands are difficult to reach due to being high above the sea floor, their coasts mainly sheered by cliffs and the inland cut by deep ravines and pock-marked stone terrain. Relentless rainstorms barrage the rainforest during the winter months and tsunamis blast against the coastlines constantly. Deep underground networks of semi-submerged and underwater caverns spread out from the edge of the islands and contain unique and rare creatures, few who have seen the light of day. The few humans that brave the harsh climates often do so to test their survival skills more than any true desire to live on the islands, as the Faniya Islands are meagre in natural resources.

Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:22 pm
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