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Snow Country
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Yukigakure (Snow village)
Within the northern land of Water Country, within a land perpetuated by snowstorms sits the village of Yukigakure, its gate nestled between a pair of white-peaked mountains, leading to the village held within a massive geothermal dome which provides a greenhouse effect for a starkly different interior to the rest of the lands without. The village grounds are planted with fresh grass and trees which form two small forests to left and right of the village. The village's architecture consists of old japanese style building of lacquered wood with the Kage's Tower, a four-layer pagoda with the ice blue mark for 'Yuki', the most predominant architecture on the horizon save for the dome itself. (Main Element: Yukiton) (Title of Kage: Yukikage) (Minor Village)

Fri Feb 05, 2016 2:29 am
Taki-Shika Nara
Snowy Paradise
Once hailed as a great village comprised of snow users, or so the rumors imply, the snowy paradise is an expanse in the north most area of the water country, covered in white crystallized water, AKA snow. Many small settlements can be found here, and it's rumored that here is where many of the first Yuki clan members were located. To this day, many find themselves practicing here, among the weather they're so comfortable in. Others often take tourist detours to go camping in cabins, or explore the snowy mountains in the area, and others are fools, getting themselves lost and never being heard from again, despite the warnings that come along with visiting the area. There are even myths about yetis. Make sure to wear a thick sweater!

Tue Feb 02, 2016 5:58 pm
Ichiru Shouten
Yukihona Bath House
Yukihona is the legendary bath house which has recently been refurbished for the use of the Yukikage by her order. This massive bath house is a large chinese-style building with three steam stacks. Inside, you can find saunas, pools, bathing chambers, and the world-famous hot springs. The inner area has been beautified with shrubbery, decorations, and posh interiors that gives an air of elegance and status.

No Posts
Tower of the Aes Sedai
The White Tower is the tallest building in the Aes Sedai compound in the Land of Snow. It is both home and training grounds to Aes Sedai, those training to become Aes Sedai, and Warders. It is a bone-white tower nearly 100 spans (around 600 feet) in height. Its roof is flat-topped with a waist-high railing.The lowest level of the Tower is only used for testing Novices to become Accepted. Some who take the test never return, and any who refuse the test three times are put out of the Tower. Once one agrees to the test they must continue until the end, if they refuse to continue at any point they are put out of the Tower.The bottom half of the White Tower is dedicated to the Hall. Many of the common rooms are decorated in all the colors of the Ajahs, with some specific to only one Ajah. The Hall is where the Ajahs will meet and discuss Aes Sedai policies and procedures. The Amyrlin Seat presides over Hall meetings.The Ajah quarters consist of the top half of the White Tower, the Ajah Quarters are home to all fully-raised Aes Sedai. The highest level of the tower is reserved for the offices of the Amyrlin Seat and the Keeper of the Chronicles. Novices and Accepted are boarded in a palace-like building attached to the rear of the main tower. The interior consists of stone-railed galleries surrounding a small courtyard consisting of a small garden with only a handful of evergreen bushes. The two Accepted galleries can hold almost two hundred Accepted, while the two Novice galleries can hold nearly four hundred.

Fri Feb 05, 2016 7:13 pm
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