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Engineer Country
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Arechigakure (Wastelands village)
A technological and mystical mecca, Arechigakure is home to the most elite denizens of the wastes. Grouped together to further advance their technology and magical prowess, the makeshift village is vast and varied in it's landscape. There are three sections, each with a different type of housing and terrain, built for each type of denizen that dwells within. Groupings of makeshift huts surrounded by trees and forestations litter the southeastern third of the village, while the northeastern third is wrought with cracked earth, and splattered with old style homes that have been renovated with desert technology and decorated with gang signs and graffiti. The western third is the most technologically advanced portion, containing multi storied cybernetic homes and water filled street pathways. In the center of the village, right on the border between all three wasteland areas, lies a giant multi storied treetop hut, that the current Kuzukage resides in. Meant to be the thread that ties every wasteland area together, Arechigakure is a cultural mixing pot, with a common goal. (Village Kage: Kuzukage) (Village elements: Doton, Suiton)

Tue Dec 22, 2015 9:56 pm
Infinity Forest
The Infinity Forest is a plush and vibrant forest-scape, instilled with an ancient and mystical magic. The forest itself, for its namesake, is seemingly infinite if one doesn’t know how to properly navigate it. Being a maze-like labyrinth more so than a linear forest, it's cloaked in illusion magic spread by the Infinity Tree. Even more spectacularly the forest is seemingly sentient, as carnivorous living plants twist and turn throughout the entirety of the twisted jungle. The overgrowth and huge canopied trees provide a constant and breezy shade to the grounds below. Poisonous animals stalk the forest floor along with wild vegetation, both which have random and often times deadly effects if not properly prepared. Between the overgrowth, man-sized plants, poisonous everything, and an infinite maze, the Infinity Forest is mostly uninhabitable on its own, as the mysterious Infinite Tree protects the land, saturating it with his magic and infinite knowledge. It was he who is said to have created the Children of the Wild, saplings from the tree itself. Though what is know for certain is it was he who taught the Children of the Wild how to survive in the terrain of the Infinity Forest, use magic, and cast the generational hex to cause all of the inhabitants to stop aging physically between the age of nine and seventeen.

Tue Jul 18, 2017 4:00 am
A land seemingly scarred by the inhabitants of a time lost in history. The war torn area of Exodus is one of complete lawleness, exile, and anarachy. Scorned by God, the sun beams down endlessly every day of every hour of the week, as night no longer exist in the vast emptiness of the wasteland. Little vegetation grows here, and the little bit that does is controlled by the few renegade gangs and outlaw groups that police and enforce rule on the eroded plains. The land is blistered with abandoned structures and technology long forgotten by the original inhabitants, the origin of which is still surrounded in superstition even to the people of Exodus. A giant dust bowl with sandstorms and scratching crosswinds, the soil has eroded, showing the barren and dry earth below. The ground itself is cracked and splintered. The little bit of wildlife that does still exist has become monstrous and overgrown in time. With no food, water, and excruciating heat, the terrain is seemingly uninhabitable, though the Lost were seemingly conditioned for it.

Sat Dec 26, 2015 9:31 am
Atlantia, otherwise known to the other inhabitants of the Engineer Country as the endless sea. Mysteriously charmed, the large expanse of water it lies in goes on forever in any direction. Only a series of very precise mathematical calculations can get one out of the expansive sea. Not only that, depending on the calculations used, one can end up on completely different and separate islands. If one does make it out of the expanse of water, they’d be immersed in beautiful beaches clad with renaissance and Victorian style architecture. The least harsh of the three conditions, the Isles of Atlantia are a seemingly peril-less place….at least above the surface. It is below it that things get interesting, being inhabited by Merfolk and a variety of different sea creatures that defend the halls of Atlantia itself. It is here in the underwater kingdom of Atlantia that the rarest of technology exist. The technology here has been magically enchanted, imbuing them with elemental natures and other mystical properties. Atlantia is the bridge between the magic of the Infinity Forest and the technology of Exodus. However the depths that are required to reach the palace can only be done through magical means, technology, and in the Aquarian’s case, mutation.

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