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Unexpected Meetings [121nick121/Needs Grading]
Ecstacy in Paradise (RANK TRAIN) [OPEN]
I wanna be the very best!
Return....The Former First Lady of Kokoro [OPEN][RANK TRAIN]
Sté's First SA (Kin Training)
And one more for teh lolz.
Cause I have to copy Sucal's example, and it's fun.
Aberration~ (Open)
Time for Change (open)
Death of Kokorogakure no Sato
Rank Training (Jandro,Shala & Airo)
Wooden Retreat [Private]
Pure Blood (Giving Birth to the new Otaki Generation) (OPEN)
In The Darkest Hours. (Nobody/Privvo)
Salvation (OPEN Training)
Class Is Now In Session. (Ijutsu Shinobi Only)
We got things to do people! (Shana/Ste)
Returning Home
Honey I'm Home? (Tai/Ophelia) Open....
You Wanted Death?! Here I am! (Open)
Looking For An Old Friend
On The Wings Of The Reborn (Invite)
The Next Leap In His Research (OPEN)
Unfamiliar Lands [Nobody]
Medical blah blah
A new nation... (Open)
Back to Buisness (Open)
Kinjutsu Training
A Pleasant Surprise
Beach Bound Struggle! (All Welcomed)
Interrogation (Judges of Koro Only)
His pet-nin's ambition [jutsu training]
Quick Training
Dance your heart out(Open/Training)
Building a House(Mission)
Autopsy (Medic-Nin Only)
Tenkai.... leaving?
The Gourd (Open)
Hmm Koko? I Never Been Here(Ste/Open)
Death not needed. (Kinjutsu)
If You're Bored Come To This Topic (open) (SA Training)
An S-Ranked Mission?!
A quick training
A Quick Match
That's What You Get For Thinkin'! (Open / Jutsu Training)
Beautiful Illusions(Noke, Lissica)
The Return of a Judge {OPEN}
Welcome to Peace (Hideo)
I Do This For A Living (Training OPEN)
Judge of Spirit(Open,Excursed and Those who know Shizuka)
Water Training (open)
Boredom Stimulates The Brain (open)
playing with fire
Cookies and Milk.....mmm....
A Lost Soul. [P]
Anger [Rank Training]{OPEN}
Otaki Bloodline learning technique (Open)
Black Roses and Gray Wolves
Last Dance (Private)
There's Work To Do (OPEN)
Starlight Wedding (PM To Join)
So..... (Private/Aj)
Matters Into His Own Hands/Preparing For Battle (OPEN)
I Can't Let You Go
The Vampire and the Baby
Sins and Confessions(Open)
Another Transition
Awakening [Jun B-rank mission, open]
An Act Of Providence.
Confrontation! Battle Between Friends (OPEN)
Training for the Future (OPEN)
Raiden's Ideals. A world of...... (Open)
The Heartless......(Private training. PM to join.)
Heart Of The Wolf (Open, PM first)
Wolve And Demons Play At Midnight
Lightning Strike Twice At Midnight
The Phantoms Of The Heart (Private)
Let The Real Work Begin. (Open)
Well What Have We Here? (Invite)
From The Ocean to The Peace (Open)
Penance (Kin-Training)
Embarking: The First Arrival (Nobody)
Gentai :Ebb Opening of the Eye (Open)
Scarce (Open)
Cursed Nation:Begining(Open to Cursed, Invite, PM to join)
Shiraku Unleashed(Invitation only)(Training)
The beginning of peace
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