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Lightning Country
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Raiders of the Old Laboratory [Rank Train]
No Pain No Gain [Kin Training]
Meeting New People[Mission]
I'mma Renegaaaaade {Private/Pooch}
The Glory Days [Private]
Duality [Private]
Disobedient Wood (Ichiru)
In With The Wrong Crowd [Training]
Lucas, Phil, & Tsuki go on an adventure!
"Crashing" Lightning
Dirty Tricks
Straight To Hollywood
Assassin's Log #1 [Kin Training][Private]
In My Darkest Hour [Kin-Training][Private]
Forsakened~ Enter Vitor [Rank Training]
Chakra Control, The First Steps (Training Open)
Destruction (Kin training/Invite only)
Gotta do better (jutsu learning)
Pickin' some Apples [Cielle]
Strength (Ranking Up/Cite)
Mission this, mission that. {Private}
Recordings of failure {private}
Some Jewtsoo
Mountaintop Retreat
The Pilgrimage [Rank Training]
Rank training (STILL reqs grading)
The Basics of Hyouton - Jutsu Training
Giggling Lotus (Zambuto)
Meeshuns. [Closed]
The Advancement of Skill [Rank Training]
The countryside holds a secret (Private)
Shin rank (training)
A New Meeting (Private)
Into the Dark (Open)
Strategy in odd places(Rank training)
ANBU mission: Assassination
Don't Take Her! [Closed/Tenshi]
Mastering the basics(jutsu Training)
Watching From the Shadows [Yumiko Sano's General Thread]
Watched(Private/Dr. Reanimator)
Training of the gods wayKa (Private+Kyo,Pik,Hatcher or Riku)
The Awakening of Kokurai Kaien
Rank Training, Angel of the Damned.
Is she the one to be unemotional? (Mission)
Kimera clan meetup(Kimera only, maybe Syani if she wants)
Ironic Punishment (mission)
Taking out the trash (mission)
The isolated space(Rank Training)
Helping someone isn't always a good thing! (mission)
This is the start. (Closed to me And Happicult)
Keep running (Rank training)
The Riverbank
The Wrathful Night [Private/ Delsus] {Rank Training}
Prodigy (Jutsu Training/ Open)
Change [Private]
To Know the Truth.
Game Over / Press Start
Assault of Kumogakure [Versus Mission] [Private] [Attempt 2]
Assault on Kumogakure OOC:
Learning More Wind Techniques (Open/Training)
Assault of Kumogakure [Versus Mission] [Private]
Training to Be The Sage of Wind (Open)
Mission, zomgorz [ needs grading again ]
Le Mission Excelente.
Redefining "Intensive Study" (Rank Training)
A Meeting of Souls [Feng / Open]
Division of Unity [Private/Hiro]
Mastering the Body
The Death of A Warrior
The Kid's day. (mission)
Testing [Feng Li Lung][Kukorai]
Glorious Missions [Mission][Private]
Thirst for Exctasy(Joining the Jashin)
A long day....(Rank Training, Sageson)
Last resort (jutsu Training/private)
The Ogre's Conviction
Kumogakure Gates
Private Matters[Invite Only/Raikage]
Possible outbreak of War(open)
In search of a cause.
Blake road to become a powerful ninja (mission/ training)
Tales of the Long Winded Abyss [mission]
Bandits... (Mission)
A coming storm (Kin training)
Knowledge for the future(Kimera clan, Kaeor, Invite)
News from afar [Rank Training]
Walking on Sunshine [Training/Mission]
Study (Lyte, Invite)
Paths of 2, an ending. ( Kalista/Tenyou/Vieux)
Failed Experiment, Pain(Kaeor/Invite)
''Revitalization [Ava]
Oh Look... A SHARK?!(Jyuuken)
Chance Encounter? [Training and such.]
Knock Knock [mission]
Expected Drunk [Mission]
Another Day [Jutsu Training]
Goodnight sweet prince (Alex/Private)
Amber Dream (Pik/open)
A little trouble with a tiger (mission)
Power of Chimera(Training/Kin)
Basically a Nut [jutsu training][private]
Stray Dogs (Mission, Open)
Senbon Piercings [SA Kin Training]
Helping out for the next generation {c rank mission} (open)
Do You Remember? (AJ Gray)
The Wolf and The Raccoon (AJ/private)
Ramen!Ramen!Ramen! is that all you ever think about!(mission
Exiting The Gates
Ambushed! [Rank Training][Open]
Helping a friend?dirty sewers! [D rank mission thread]
A meeting of some sort? (THT/ PM for entry)
Just in case [Jutsu Training]{OPEN}
Alone on a mountain (Jutsu training) (Closed)
Mission Time! (Pt. 2)
[Rank Training][Open] Dance with the Perverted Serpent
All the Luck in the world...[training]
The mirage of Disease (Jutsu training)
Little bit of Lightnin'!! ( Private, Kinjutsu training)
South of Kumogakure [Mission]
A visit. [Jutsu training]
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