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The Outlands
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Steaming Mad [Kin-Training]
Drink up me heartys
Asking For favors [Rank Training-Private]
Out of the sand, into the rain(kin training; invite)
Solo Training [Private]
Finally found you.
Hellbound Arc: Jailbreak
Festival of the Dead (Pikmin/Training)
Science at the Apex (Shicha)
Strings of Fate?
Beside the dying fire. [closed]
Death Knows Me By Name
Screams [Open/Rank Training]
The Land of Bears [Private/Rank Training]
The E-Apex Rest Stop! (Open)
Revival of the Moon [Special Mission]
Days gone bye (Special mission) {Closed}
Victims [Kin-Training]
Seeing Eye to Eye [Private] -Alex-
Rebirth of a Shinobi [Pilgrimage - Open]
They're After Me.... [Rank Training]
Lepers [Special Mission] [Some-Strong Language]
A certain Scientific Raelgun (Alexhatcher)
spar [ichiru]
The search for Quackers, part 1.
Fiery Encounter [Alex]
Return of the Flooded Fist Shinobi [Open]
Test your might [Galahad] [CS Training]
Traveling in the Outlands... (Open)
[Special Mission IS DONE] Art is an explosion
The Hidden Temple [Special Mission/Private]
Fight Club(Mission Mission Mission/Invite only Alexhatcher)
Rise of the Heartless.
The End of One Story, The Beginning of Another.
True Art Unites. [Private/PM] [KINJUTSU TRAINING]
Does No One Understand Me? [Beasley]
If They Hurt You, They Hurt Me Too. [Kin-Trainig]
Fight The Knight [Kin Training][Closed]
Flashbacks are a pain [Training]
Insurrection ~ [Kin-Training]
Holy crap it's a freaking fish, dude.
[Private] Memories [My Permission]
Team Giavi Arc~Mission One: Forbidden Fruit
An Uprising?
My Salvation [Kin-Training]
A Demon's War [Limit Training]
Funtime with Tenma (Training)
The Monster That I've Become [SA Trainnig]
What else do ninja kill? (Training/Pikmin)
Studying these things called people
The Land Of Iron - The Attack part 1 [ Open ]
Gitta's Puppet arm training
The Land Of Iron - The Underground Facility part 3
The Land Of Iron - The Underground Facility part 2
Hellion Arc: ~Be My Baby~
The Land Of Iron - The Underground Facility
Dual bloods errwhere (pikmin only, req grading)
Volunteer Work. [OPEN]
Stone Of Gelel Arc: Act #2 "Move Out!"
Battle measures.
Greater Good?
A Lust for Blood. [Shiku Rank Training C/A]
Turning cannibals to cantelopes (Rank train)
An unconventional partner. [Tsuki/Lucas Missions]
A need for power... [Tsuki/Schicha]
OoOooooo Shiny!
Earth Country Temple [Private, Rank Training]
READY SET ACTION! (Riku and Matsu / Open but not welcome)
To the ends of the Earth... [Riku and Kyojitsu]
Taming The Demon [Shichamatsu]
What Is This Inside of Me? [Closed]
The Bandit Mentality (Closed)
Playing with Wood [Sucal]
Wandering [Training/Open]
The Arrival in the mist (Syn)
Kuroihasu Training Thread Two {Open to Kuroihaso Members}
Training Thread One [Lyte, Matsu, Kyo, and Nobody]
Gathering [Private/PM for invite]
Training Is Good!
Here and Now [PM for Invite/Profanity/Training]
Getting stronger (Open)
Training with Father
Rise of the Hidden Snow
The Powerful Angel [Training/Closed PM for invite]
To Inherit Ones Will, A new land we shall call... Eden!
The Connecting ~ Event
Dangerous Missions (Free to join, to help only)
Fire meets Water... Explosive meets Princess
Super Secret Mission Of Secrecy [Pikmin]
Being nice has it's consequences. (Private)
::Behind The Scenes:: (OPEN)
Vampire in the Mist(open)
A Game of Thrones ( Part 0) *Solo*
Purgatory of the Defeated (Alex)
The Way of the Sword (Meochoke)
Return (open.)
Evolution Necessity (training, preferred private)
Pepper Jack (Jyuken OPEN)
Will is Born Once More (Closed BL Training)
Facing My Greatest Regret(Rank Train)
Hutsuna's Lair(open to everyone)
The Life that Haunts Us. (Rank Training E-D) [Open]
Shinobi VS Bandits? Shinigami Revealed!
Next step towards Darkness (Point Training) (Private)
Silverfall's orders
The Samurai of Infinite Swords
Supply Route [B-ranked Mission]
Becoming Cursed [closed]
From Mist to Rain (Mission)
Stupid Dog! [Mission/Closed]
Where it began... well one thing at least. (Private)
Learning from.. the highest?! (Training)
A Night Under the Full Moon (Hideki)
Rain is of many Beautiful Thing (Rank Training)
Truth's Unveiled
Money for Making (Jack)
Mistakes From The Past. (Private)
Return of the forgotten [Training thread]
I can feel the black, now let me feel the rest. (Private)
Meeting His captor......(Capt NewFog)
Tranquility At Its Finest [Fei]
Of Men and Monsters [Sennin Quest]
He Said She Said (private~)
The Lost Adventures of Eden Hyuuga [Private]
A Forgotten Sin
Rollin' Rollin' Rollin' [Hunter]
First Date? [Jack]
Enter: Aless'trisia Hvaar
Control the new powers![Closed/Pm or msn for permission]
Death's Humor (training/private)
running away
First UVC Meeting
Bird country. {Private}
The Death Angel. [Closed]
Passing Through The Bird Country [Needs Grading]
Reaping the Sins
Aurora Mission
Seeking The Orb [Land Of Rivers/Closed;Needs Grading]
Tea Time Guvnah! (open to all)
An Amazing Discovery! [Event Mssion, Open]
Ballian, teacher and friend, show yourself!
Training [Illusive man]
Crouching Nero, Hidden Yuudai! A Spar!
Obutsu; Forgotten Child [Rank Training]
Remembering his Roots(Rank and Bloodline Limit Training)
Wandering after his will had been passed
The Gift (Recieve It!)
Beginning of the Revolution [Private]
The power of a norimune(rank training)
Missions(I Will Make 4 Missions On This Thread.)
Chuunin Exams~ The Meeting~
[Rank Training] (Open)
What in the world
A New Face (Finished)
the sand of defence. the cherry blossom of assault.
A New Era [Claiming Kageship]
Alone Again (private)
Cops N' Robbers
Return of the Other Side ~training/private~
connecting ooc
Macht Der Zufalligkeit trains for once! [Training]
Return to Time ~training~
Moving on (jutsu learning...)
Learning the basics... (jutsu learning)
Th3y h4z s377Ed up t3h b0mB (Private) (Mission)
Strange relations;
Henji, the Ultimate.... Delivery-Boy? (Open to any Ame-nin)
Don't worry, I'm a Doctor.... (Private/Sorn)
The Posion Prince Versus the Reaver! {Rank Training}
The Connecting [event]
The time is now!(Private;Kneophyte)
Kitty Love~
Back to Basics...or not quite? [training]
A unfortuante encounter. (rank train)
Angels and Demons (Private, Hikidashi)
A home away from home; (Mostly Private)
The Reaver and The Hallow: A Meeting [PM for Invite?]
The Puppeteer.
Rank Training.
A new way of power. (PM for invite)
Imbecile [Traveling]
The Dreaded (Private/Argus)
Quest for improvement [Jutsu Training - Complete?]
Fully Angelus (Bloodline Kinjutsu Training)
Baby's First Escort (Mission/Jutsu Training)
Not So Perfect Day (Rank Training)
Delivering Parcels (Mission)
Growing Dawn [training]
Running Errands (Mission)
Dusting Off (Private/Training)
The death of the day. [Rank Training/Open to one]
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