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Fire Country
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Private - Matsu | You can (not) enter
Pointless Bartering
Hype Train
Reawakening Old Powers
The hard grind is real
Back To Training
Perdition #2 [Kin-Training]
Don't Disturb My Agro [Mission][Shicha]
Konoha Meet-up - private
No Short Cuts [Rank Training][Private]
Keep Your Nose Clean [Rank Training]
Chill Out [Private]
Underneath My Skin [Training]
Hellbound Arc: Ambush!
It was a rainy night. {Rainy}
Dropping the mic. {private}
Secrets of the Six Paths (Private; Alexhatcher)
Firestarter! (Mission)
Tying Up Loose Ends [Kin-Training]
Kick, Push (Rank Training)
You've Changed.... [Private]
Chance Meetings (Rank Training)
Prelude to a Dark Soul [Private]
Every Training Thread(Closed, Unless asked to Join)
Taking Charge [Invite Only]
Missions Part 2
For The People, By The People [Rank Training]
Putting An End To The Past pt. 2? [Kin Training]
Simple Training [Rank Training] (open)
Missions [Mission] [closed]
An new road? (open)
Putting An End To The Past [Rank-Training][Open]
New Beginnings [Kin-Training]
Enter Daishiro
Take Me To The Other Side [War Topic]
Rot Away My Sorrows
Green Eggs & Mission Spam
Akatsucky shall now die. Eat the donut, do it. (mishuns)
Politics and B.S
Enough Slacking
Okay; Over did it.
ANBU Training Day #1 "Unexpected Results"
Lucrative Proposition [Ste]
Open your eye's, reveal the sharingan (Stage 2 continued)
Jutsu learning spam
I'm a little tea pot, short and spout, here is my
I Spy With My Sharigan Eye...
Destroy Me ~ [Mission/Taki]
Returning From The Clouds~ [Taki]
Win or Lose?(Closed/Ziote)
Re-cooperating {hatcher-private}
Hitting those lucky digits. (MM)
A Deadly Combo: Partners' Reunion Casino Royale *MM*
Cleaning (mission
Climbing Session (Req Gradging)
Still Daddy's 'Little' Girl [Rank Training]
What's a Mansion W/O Crazies? [Mission Spam]
Masso Spammo Traino (Needs Grading.)
Knowledge sucks~
Freedom Is Calling [Mission]
For Your Loyalty (Private) (Ste Only)
Reanimation Arc: Facing The Undead [Mission/Closed]
Operation Outbreak (Kin-Training) (Ready For Grading)
Enter Team Hokage [Private Only]
Eye of the Beholder [4 Point Kin-Training]
Hard Work Pays Off (S.A Learning) [5 Pt Learning]
Diary of a Working Girl
Tsuki's Missions.
Special ability learning.
Milling around (pikante)
Kinjutsu learning
Sté's Crusade (OPEN)
Tenko Misaki, rank up, C-B
Within A Sea Of Zeros... A Miracle Is Born (Rank Train C-A)
Cleaning..tchh so boring(Mission:Warm welcome)
When one flame dies another is born... [RT Needs Grading]
Pay-Dirt II (Jutsu Training)
Pay-Dirt (Jutsu Training)
Tree Walking (Jutsu Training)
How Troublesome (Jutsu Training)
File Sorting (Mission Completed)
Dogs on the leash
Removing the help.
Rank up E-C (requires grading)(you should totally grade it)
Jutsu training
Life's A Game of Shogi... not Checkers [Rank Training E/C]
In the forest. (taka-shika)
Breakthrough: New Friends, New Struggle
The Path of the Shinobi [Jutsu Training] {OPEN}
Gentle Dance amongst the flames (Cielle)
[Missions] Yuzuru's first few missions [Private/Closed]
Ignore this thread...
Training the Newbloods [Kyouryuu Clan Grounds/Open]
Teaming Up!! (Alex & Rasengan Only)
Your Past On My Shoulders [Rank Training] Ready For Grading
Breaking The Leash.
Peace of the Flames (Private/Kin Training)
Enter the Silence (Closed)
Awakening the Sharingan
Come into my Lair (Private)
OMG Konoha is burning down! ( Rank Training)
The Dracolyte and the Draconian [SA Training]
Chosen By The Platinum Dragon [BL Training]
The Path Ahead [Jutsu Training]{OPEN}
Small Steps~Terrorizing (Open)
The First Step
The siege
Small Reunion
Oy Vey.....(Open)
New creations are always dangerous (Kin Training)
Nara Meets Kaguya (Private)
Your Spirit As Well....
Aspiring Arhat (Training [Open])
Late night training ( jutsu training)
Furthering the Cause. (Open)
The Final Task! (Mission/Closed)
A Job for a Hyuuga (Private)
The Fire County's on Fire! (Mission)
Bandits?! What? Where?! (Mission)
Asylum {Private,Training}
Listening (Private)(Needs Grading)
The home is where the heart is, they say....
Fanning the Flames [lots of training]
With a goal in view [SA Training]
What a lovely sunset (Private)
Child of the flames [training thread]
As lonely as a single cherry blossom. (open.)
Itamaeta-Sama's (mission)
Meeting the team before mission
Damn Missions (Open)
On the path(Rank training)
Working hard(Taijutsu training)
Under pressure [JUTSU TRAINING]
Soaring up high (Jutsu Training)
Dancing in shadows [JUTSU TRAINING]
I will be strong! (RANK TRAINING)
The Cold Trail(OPEN)
The path of the lost trail. (Closed)
Learning The Art of The water Clone (Jutsu Training.)
Finding the Sword Expert. (Mission)
Your First Test (Mission)
Confrontation {Private/Feng}
Off to see the Kunoichi... (Yugi/ Open with reason)
Hungry for power... Lack of training
Take Your Time
Gaze Into Madness
Training of wood and metal, body conditioning[Rank training]
Prepare (Private)
Just Gettin' Started... (Open)
Chaos Breeding (SA Training)
The Lost One [Private/PM for entrance] (Needs Grading)
The sand in leaf?
Awaited Return
Payback time! [rank training]
Getting back to the basics... (jutsu learning)
Keep on training... (learning jutsu)
Good'ol fashion Idiocy. (Rank Training)
Let's get to work. (jutsu learning)
Swift Demise
The Beginning of a New Era [Private]
More Training before reaching the village
Scaling a mountain... (Rank training.)
the young grow old [mission]
escort that old man! [mission]
Mice will Play... [Jutsu Training, Invite Only, PM for Inv]
Chasing off crows is serious business
Bug beats bird
Life Goes on...(Final/Open)
Sorrowful Sacrifice
The Ambush of Black Cloaked men. (Rank Training)
New Friends
Tree master wanders (Kin training for Laughing Man)
The truth of despair
Another Life Lost: The tragic death of Pathos.
Exploring a New God [SA Training/Closed to all but Ziba]
Out of konaha for the day (open)
Gang troubles (Mission)
The Breathing World
Beginnings [jutsu training]
Have You Been Conjuring Up Dead Things? [Kin Training/Closed
Manic Mystery (Jutsu Training)
The Time of a New hero (Rank Training)
Alone but not alone *riku/invite*
The Wrath of Water
The Rage of Water
The Escape.
kin training [23 points]
All work and no play...
Revelation (OPEN)
To Catch A Thief...[Killfrog]
kuju trains, again.
Some Serious Training
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